Plugins: Like 2 Unlock for jQuery, Like 2 Unlock for WordPress
Versions: 1.0.0+

You need to submit your Facebook app to review which will be conducted by the Facebook review team, if you use the Srtict Mode and you receive the error “The following permissions have not been approved for use and are not being shown to people using your app: user_likes” while trying to log in via your app:

You don’t need to submit your app for review if you don’t use the Strict Mode or you don’t see the error above (it means that you had registered your app before Facebook introduced the reviewing for apps using extra permissions).

Before getting started

Make sure that you have created a Facebook App for your domain by following this article:

Also please note the Like 2 Unlock plugin has two modes to check whether the user has liked your page.

The first mode called Soft Mode is turned on by default.

When the Like 2 Unlock uses this mode, the plugin “memorises” visitors who have liked your page via the cookies. Sometime it may confuse visitors who have already liked your page before you installed the Like 2 Unlock. The visitors who have liked your page will see the Locker with the Like button in the “pressed state”:

To unlock the content, they will need to remove their like and like your page again. It’s easy and the most of users will not face with the such issue. Therefore think, do you really need the Strict Mode?

The second mode called Strict Mode allows to use the Facebook API to get access to the user’s likes and check whether the user has really liked your page.

The Strict Mode works fine for Facebook page except one thing: before using it, you need to submit your facebook app for review to the Facebook review team.

How to submit my app to review?

The reviewing takes about 7 business days and eventually your submission can be refused. But you will be able to try to submit your app again after fixing the issues revealed by the Facebook review team.

For more details about the reviewing process, please check out the official guidelines:

1. Create a test page containing the locker

The Facebook review team requires a page where they will be able to test how you’re going to use your app. If you use the WordPress version of the Like 2 Unlock, create a new page and a new locker shortcode with the Strict Mode enabled.

2. Complete your app details

Before submitting for review, you will need to complete the following within the App Details tab:

Logo: 1024 x 1024 high-resolution image for your app
Long Description: Explanation of what your app does and why you need the functionality going through review
Privacy Policy: An accessible website URL that hosts your privacy policy

3. Create a submission form and select the item “user_likes” to review

Go to your App Dashboard >> click Status & Review >> and click the Start a Submission button. Select the “user_likes” permission:


4. Add an explanation how you’re going to use the user’s likes.

For example:

Our website contains some bonus content which we would like to show only for the visitors who like our Facebook page (who are our fans). So we ask visitors to like our page to view the bonus content. And we don’t want to ask and bother the users who have already liked us.

and for the second field:

“1. Please visit the page:

2. Find the blue block containing the text “This content is locked”.

3. Hover your mouse pointer on this block and click the button “Sign in with Facebook”.

4. Complete the login process via the test user and click the Like button. The locked content should appear after that.

5. If you refresh the page, you will see that the content appears without bothering the user again. So thanks to using the ‘user_likes” permission, we can check whether the user is our fan and if yes show the locked content automatically when he/she visits us.”

5. Create a test user.

The review team requires a test user with which they will work on your website.

Create one by following the instruction:

Below is a screenshot of the right settings for the test user:

The result table:

Then add your test user to your submission form:

6. Finally add a set of screenshots.

Add at least 4 screenshots which will show how the locker looks and works on your website. For example:

  1. A screenshot showing the locker on your website.
  2. A screenshot showing the locker and the Sign In button.
  3. A screenshot showing the Facebook login window.
  4. A screenshot showing the locked content after “liking”.

That’s done. Click the button “Submit for Review”.


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