A license key you got after purchasing allows you to activate an OnePress plugin on your site and to receive all up-to-date updates automatically. 

When you submit your license key via the form on the Licensing Manager page inside a plugin, the OnePress Licensing Server tries connecting to your site from its side in order to transfer a special secret key that will be used for identifying your site and delivering updates in future. This can cause some difficulty.

The license key allows you to use the plugin for 1 domain(s). You alredy use the plugin for 1 domain(s). Please get other licanse key or remove the key for thedomains where it’s used [issue #domain-03]

A CodeCanyon Regular License allows you to activate the plugin on one dmain. If you get the error message above, it means your key has been already activated on another domain.

It can happen if you tested plugin earlier somewhere else. To fix it you need to delete the key via the button “Delete key” on a Licensing Manager page from a domain where you activated the plugin at the first time:

But if you have already removed the plugin from the initial domain and cannot delete the key, please feel free to contact us.

A CodeCanyon Extended License doesn’t have limits for the number of domains where the plugin can be activated.

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