10 April 2013, We have updated our API to make the plugins more better by providing more linked services in future. We tried to make it smoothly and many people even will not notice it.

If you face with troubles when updating one of our plugins (for example if you get the message “Download failed. Payment Required”), please follow the steps below. Also we recommend to make it anyhow to avoid potential problems during updates in future.

1. Open the license manager of the plugin you use.

An example how to open the license manager for Social Locker

2. Copy your current license key into clipboard:

3. Click the button Delete Key.

4. Paste the key into the field below and click Submit key to re-verify your key.

If you get the error like the one below when re-submitting the key :

Please contact us. Don’t forget to send us the key you use. We will fix it as soon as possible.

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