This section contains information about the most known troubles of Social Locker for jQuery.
If the page doesn’t contain a trouble you faced with, please fill free to contact us.

Why the Twitter Follow button doesn’t appear?

There may be two possible reasons why the button doesn’t appear:

1. The URL you specified for the Follow button is invalid.
The twitter button will look like on the image bellow:


To fix it setup a valid URL for the button via the options that passed into the sociallocker method. For example, a valid URL for @onepressmedia:

twitter: {
	follow: {
		url: "

2. The Follow button is not supported by the theme you use.
Be default, only one theme, the Dandyish theme, doesn’t support the Follow button because the button has too large size. It cannot be fixed.

How to change a language of the Facebook Share button?

The true Facebook Share button is obsolete and replaced with other social widgets. Be default Facebook doesn’t provide any widgets for rendering the button on web pages. The button you see in Social Locker was developed by OnePress.

Standard Facebook options cannot be applied to the such button. So to change the language you should alter the image “facebook-share.png” placed in the folder “img”.

Why the Google Share button doesn’t appear in IE an Opera?

The Google Share button is an experimental feature of Social Locker. It has some limits of usage. Unfortunately, by some reasons the button cannot be created dynamically in IE and Opera. And it vanishes automatically in the the mentioned browsers.

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