Plugin: Social Locker for WordPress
Version: 2.0.0+

If when adding a shortcode of the locker into your post, you don’t see the locker on your page but the locked content is hidden. Please try to perform the steps below.

Check the footer.php file of your theme [issue #footer-01]

The footer.php file always have to contain a mandotary call of the function wp_footer before the closing </body> tag. If the footer.php file doesn’t contain the wp_footer function, add this.

More about wp_footer:

Check how the jQuery library loads [issue #jquery-02]

By default WordPress includes and manages all required jquery files automatically. But some plugins or your current theme can load own versions of the jquery versions. In order to check it:

1. Open source code of a page where you placed the locker shortcode (how to open?).
2. Make a search for “jquery.js” and “jquery.min.js”  in the source code.

You need find places in code where the jquery library is loaded:

The code can contains several inclusion of jquery libraries (jquery.js and jquery.min.js files). In general case it’s not allowed and leads to breaking plugins.  We strongly recommend to leave only one inclusion of the jquery library and remove others.

If you don’t know how to remove redundant jquery libraries or if this article didn’t help you, please feel free to contact us.

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